After unsuccessfully attempting to hitchhike to Skogafoss I ended up spending the day walking around Reykjavik. I came across a ferry to Videy Island and decided to check out the island, figuring it would be a good, cheap way to spend the day. It was a nice way to experience nature right outside of the city, although as far as cities go Reykjavik feels very natural itself. All around you is sea, grass, and big mountains. It reminded me of Vancouver, a place where city seems to meet nature head on.

Anyways on the way back my hostel, very close the Videy ferry I came across this beach with a big boulder. It had clearly been climbed many times, cement had been poured in several places to improve the grip. Without knowing the route this is what I created. Given that I had no shoes or proper equipment I just tried to do the easiest safest way up.

The fun part, which unfortunately is not on film was trying to get down… It ended with me crawling down the sides and taking a very icey deep in the water…

If you are interested in finding this boulder for yourself I have taken a Google Maps screen shot below.