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Surly Long Haul Trucker

We both rode this bike and had different experiences. I like mine and had no problems with it.  Although slightly heavy it did seem to be durable.  Just make sure to change your tires halfway through the trip to avoid flats.

Axiom Rear Panniers

These rear panniers worked pretty well.  Although not at all waterproof they can hold lots and I really liked the accessible pockets on the back and front.  They were also pretty durable and held strong for the trip.

Axiom New Waterproof Front Panniers

We got these in Thunder Bay after days of rain.  They are very waterproof and I liked them a lot.  Although heavier they are easy to quickly open and shut.  Most importantly these will keep your things bone dry.


Overall our gear worked out pretty well.  We had just about over 50 pounds which was manageable but at times felt pretty heavy.  If your not sure if you need it… Don’t bring it!  We were lucky to ride a few days without our gear because we had family or friends come visit us and take the gear for us.  With the weight off biking is way easier, and you will go way faster especially up hill.  The most important things I would highlight are get at least 1 waterproof bag, get a camel back and drink as much water as possible, get a durable bike, good rain gear is very nice to have when you get stuck in the rain for days, make sure your tent is super easy to assemble (its hard when your so tired after riding all day), and the solar panel from Voltaic was really nice to have to always have power.


1 Rain/Warmer Jacket, 1 Toque, 4 Pairs of Socks, 4 Boxers, 4 T-shirts, 1 Athletic Shorts, 1 Bathing Suite, 1 Light Sweater, 1 Skull Cap, 1 set of waterproof booties, 1 Rainpants, 1 Towel, 1 Sunglasses Bike Jersey, 2 Bike Shorts, 1 Fleece


Camping Gear and Other, MEC two man tent, MEC sleeping Bags, Axiom Front and Rear racks, Food (Usually enough for two days), Flashlight and head light, Tarp, 4 extra tubes (2 each), Hand pump, Bike Multi Purpose Tool, Knee Brace, Basic Toiletries, First Aid Kit, Harmonica, Solar Panel Charger (For phones and Ipod), Fire Starters (Never used these), Water Filter, Camel Back, Bug Spray and Sunscreen