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Since I was in Europe I had none of my own cycling equipment with me. I looked online at several different companies, and decided to rent all my gear from They turned out to be a great choice. Their customer service was excellent (they always responded to emails quickly) and the equipment was all in great condition and high quality. I ended up renting their men’s touring suspension bike, the BH Silvertip. I think the bike was excellent, although I did not enjoy touring on a suspension bike very much. If I were to do it again I would opt for a bike without suspension. I felt the suspension took away from my power and really slowed me down. Since the roads are fine and I didn’t do any mountain biking there was no need for this. I did the 7 day rental for 125 Euro’s, plus purchasing some extra accessories: helmet, odometer, smartphone holder, handlebar bag, and waterproof panniers. I really did not need all this. For example I don’t know why I got the smartphone holder, but it looked so cool online! The rear panniers and handlebar bag were both great. I ended up keeping my camera and wallet in the front, and almost everything else in the back. I was also carrying my travelling backpack because that is what I came to Portugal with, but there was almost nothing in it except some groceries for the day. When all said and done the bike and accessories cost me 200 Euro for 7 days. I wish I rented for less days because I finished the trip so early. The trip ended up being a lot more than I thought. But was worth it!

In terms of sleeping I bought a cheap tent in Turkey. It cost only 40 lira’s, and worked well enough to do the job. I feared if it rained hard it would not hold, but fortunately the weather was good. I was also lucky enough to come across a sleeping bag for free. It was very light weight, and could be squished into a tiny ball. It was perfect for April in Portugal. I was almost a bit cold at night, but with a sweater on it was all good.

With me I packed 5 t-shirts, 5 boxers, 5 socks, 1 fleece, 1 long sleeve, 1 shorts, 1 bathing suit, a flashlight, DSLR, little camcorder, laptop and textbooks (I had to do a school assignment…), sunglasses, hat, small backpack for day trips, Nalgene, and toiletries. This ended up being the right amount of everything! Except for laptop and textbooks which sucked carrying of course, but I unfortunately had too.