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[table],Start,End,Km,Time,Average Speed (km/hr),Max Speed (km/hr)
Day 1,Lisboa,Praia Da Gale (Campsite),73.73,4hr 22min,17.14,48.78
Day 2,Praia Da Gale (Campsite),Milfontes,77.79,4hr 26min,17.7,44.17
Day 3,Milfontes,Lagos,103,6hr 40min,15.61,42.57
Day 4,Rest Day,Rest Day,Rest Day,Rest Day,Rest Day,Rest Day
Day 5,Lagos,Faro,86,4hr 43min,18.54,43.36
Total,,,340.52,20hr 33min,17.2475,48.78[/table]

This route proved to be a decent one. It was not overly challenging, and provided nice scenery. For the most part there was not very much traffic, with the exception being my ride from Lago’s to Faro along the south. In this stretch there was way too much traffic! The terrain is mostly natural, with some fun climbs and decants, the best one being just outside of Lagos. Heading south, as you near the city you are treated to a pretty gruelling climb, and then rewarded with some awesome down hill.

The only real disappointment was I wanted more coastal views. There were hardly any, or at least way less than I imagined. From the maps I saw there is no way around this, as I stayed by the coast whenever possible. The best part for me was just south of Sines. Around here you can bike close to the sea, with a beautiful beach and little cliffs. Here is also where I stopped and surfed for a few hours, at the surf spot S. Torpes.

There is also a problem of not many ideal camping spots. While there are lots of ones you can pay for, they are not overly nice. I saw almost no where that I wanted to stop and stealth camp which I was planning to do. In my head I imagined camping on the beach every night. I think this may be possible, but will be a lot of work searching for the best spot. It required more patience than I had! The first night’s campsite was not bad though once you got away from all the cabins, and did treat me to this view…