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While studying abroad in Istanbul I took my semester break to travel to Portugal and cycle from Lisbon to Faro. The goal of the trip was to really enjoy the nature. I wanted it to be slow paced and relaxing. I wanted to take many stops, and enjoy all the sights and sounds. When I cycled across Canada there was no stopping to smell the roses. We were really determined to get across the country in 50 days, so we missed a lot of cool sights along the way for the sake of time.

I found it very difficult to try and force myself to slow down and stop. I think I developed a tendency from my Canada ride to keep going until I have reached my goal for the day. I planned 7 days of riding for the trip, which would have allowed for me to go approximately only 50km each day and still reach my destination. Instead I did the trip with 4 days of riding, and took only 1 rest day. I did do an ok job of stopping to enjoy myself at least though. I made a camp fire the first night, had a long surf session the second day, and met up and went out with friends in Lagos the third night. Arriving early also allowed me to spend more time in Faro which turned out to be a really nice city.