The Trip | Route | Gear | Video

Luckily for us we were able to use much of the same gear from our cycling trip across Canada. Once again we used the Surly Long Haul Trucker to carry all of our gear, as well as the side bags we had bought earlier. On top of that we used a 4 man tent, myself, Jose, and Taylor each had sleeping bags of different sizes, and Cory only brought a single sheet to sleep with. The bike was extremely hard to manoeuvre as we probably had 70+ lbs of gear and food on there. Everything was kept on the bike, this included 3 sleeping bags, 1 tent, food, water, and 4 persons clothes. Bungee cords were key to keep everything held down. For clothing the lighter you can keep it the better, just make sure you bring warm clothes and a toque for the night, especially if your only sleeping with a sheet. The running shoes I (Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe) had worked well enough, I just wish I had bought a size bigger. This is because your feet begin to really swell up, and my blisters became really bad. Speaking of blisters I would also recommend looking into socks that divide your toes. I didn’t have these but I think they could have helped. Also make sure you bring a first aid kit, that has tools to pop and clean blisters. Knee braces also ended up being a big help. I brought one, but ended up buying other so I could wear on both knees. Also very helpful was using “running sticks”. For me Jose just fashioned some great running sticks from branches he found on the ground. These really helped take some of the weight of your legs.